29/09/2012 18:33

To Express - Screen Print

SCREEN PRINT FOR SALE   http://onethirty3.com/index.php/shop/

The Lowry being my largest and most adventurous indoor painting to date was also just im-fucking-possible to photograph.  So unfortunately no record of the whole wall exists - just fractured, angled segments.  The Lowry produced a pack of postcards which in no way did our two weeks of hard work justice.  After getting the physical painting right on the walls of OneThirty3, I wanted to deal with the tangible side of things.  We produced one of the best screen prints I've ever had the pleasure of signing my name to.  The screen printers really did an exceptional job.  Its always a nerve racking moment when you open the first pack of prints or see the last colour being put down, unsure if this will live up to my expectations or leave me feeling like I should have gone on that photoshop course after all.  This print just works.  The ink, the colours, the two different varnishes - you can see the print jumping off the paper.

And now for the exciting bit:  

"To Express (YELLOW)"

10 colour, hand pulled screen print on 300gsm Somerset White Satin with 2 separate varnishes.  740mm x 520mm.  Edition 166, signed and numbered by the artist.  £225 plus P&P.  ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH  http://onethirty3.com/index.php/shop/

"To Express (SILVER)"

10 colour, hand pulled screen print on 300gsm Somerset White Satin with 2 separate varnishes.  740mm x 520mm.  Edition 33, signed and numbered by the artist.  £350 plus P&P.  ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH  http://onethirty3.com/index.php/shop/


29/09/2012 17:48

To Express - OneThirty3, Newcastle

This marks the end of Hush's 2 year installation based art project.  This weird Northern outpost is the last culturally significant spot on the map before Scotland (and there's not many spots in Scotland).  Hush managed to lure a fantastic array of artists that if you didn't come across in the Baltic Centre, you would be very surprised to see in those ends.  From Paul Insect and Sickboy to Titifreak via Herakut and back again.  I wanted to re-visit the one part of my painting from the Lowry that I wasn't completely happy with.  To Express was the most free flowing of all the words and try as I might, the irregular angled shape of the wall continually threw out my sketches - from whatever angle you looked at it, it never looked right.  In Newcastle I wanted to see if I could make it work or perhaps come up with another lame excuse about angles and walls.  With the more sympathetic structure of flat walls, the flow of the letters did indeed work.  I left happy and with no need to look back.  

More images can be viewed here:  http://www.flickr.com/people/onethirty3/

03/09/2012 13:49

Grey Fade Oranges with Red Background - Screen Print Available

'Grey Faded Oranges'  

Edition 37, signed, hand pulled screen print wih deckled edge on 310gsm Somerset paper.  70cm x 70cm.   £350 plus shipping.  

To purchase please email sales@einesigns.co.uk with your full name and delivery address.  

We only have 15 of these prints left, sold purely on a first come, first serve basis and these are the last of any Oranges prints to be sold.  

If succesful you will be sent an email containing a link to a secure payment processor where you can pay by credit or debit card (excludes American Express), this will also contain details of your allocated edition number.  If you haven't heard from us within 7 days then your order was unsuccesful, due to the amount of enquiries we can't relpy to all unsuccesful requests individually.  The shipping costs are as follows:

UK: £12.00

EU: £14.00

USA: £20.00

ROW: £25.00


All prints will be shipped within 28 days.  


15/08/2012 10:55

A Plethora of News

There's so much going on right now so we thought we'd keep you in the loop with a post in the Eine diary.  Firstly, Carlo McCormick, general flag waving, street art champion is curating a show at Jonathan Levine's gallery in NY http://jonathanlevinegallery.com/.  This show is based around the idea of 'Detournement'; a style of art embraced by the cut and copy punk movement and also by some of us.  With a top billing line up of artists that Jonathan would have been unable to muster on his lonesome, expect some delightful artistic delights.  

For those not in the advertising world, D&AD stands for Design and Art Direction http://www.dandad.org/.  This year they are celebrating 50 years of existence by bringing out a book showcasing the best innovative design of the last half-century.  They have asked 50 creative, interesting individuals to design a cover and this (fig2) is the Fiasko that I came up with.

Dabs & Myla - super nice, unbelievably friendly, full of bright colours (and that's just their paintings) - are hosting a show of their and their friends work down at Thinkspace http://thinkspacegallery.com/ in LA.  This is definitely going to be another show worth checking out - and not just because I'm also in it - but because of the friend's Dabs & Myla have made on their travels.  Each of the contributing artists has been given the same sized wooden panel to work with.  After that, there is no brief and we are left to our own creative devices.

Now, one of the faults of my website (aside from the restrictive image size) is I must provide 4 images for every blog post.  Sometimes we struggle to find something powerful enough to be worthy of that 4th slot - but not today.  VNA magazine released their 19th issue not long ago, featuring one of our favourite artists-to-bump-into-in-weird-places-around-the-world on the cover.  How and Nosm - the German machine due - another favourite also feature, we recommend getting yourself a copy before you miss your chance.  http://verynearlyalmost.com/blog/shop/vna-19/

Over and Out.

28/07/2012 21:28

Vienna Shutters

Part 2 of our Vienna trip, once we got Colour Fool sorted we rustled up all the fun spray we could find from everywhere, jumped in the car and went off to paint shutters.  Here is a selection of some of the stuff we did; we basically kept going until we'd used all of the paint.  Vienna looks like a much brighter and happier place due to our visit.  Hopefully we'll get back there soon, finish the alphabet and maybe get some more numbers rolling.

A big THANK YOU to everybody who bought one of our lovely new screen prints, we are hoping to have everything posted out by Monday 6th of August.  Nelly Duff and Art Republic both have 50 prints each, they may well have sold out but if you missed out its worth a check.  


20/07/2012 13:44

Colour Fool - Vienna

Another week and another fat, ugly, bright orange EasyJet flight.  Why do they fly everywhere and why do I always end up on them.  If only Virgin Atlantic flew everywhere, I would be so much happier.  So we were picked up from the airport by Nicholas from Inoperable Gallery who had very kindly invited us out"to make zee street art in ze vanderful sity of Vienna".  Inoperable had found us a wall on the side of an old movie theatre.  The owners were totally cool and basically let us paint whatever we wanted, however the wall wasn't quite as accommodating.  After much thought I decided on the phrase 'Colour Fool', describing how positive I feel about my life right now.  Being with 2 Americans we discovered that if you say 'Colourful' repeatedly, over and over again in your most L.A gangsta lingo you can actually entertain yourself for days.  Try this yourselves, its really, really good fun.  If anyone has other phrases, in other accents that sound equally as funny please let us know and we'll put them up on a wall (this could be the start of something big.              or not).  

Just as we were leaving London we saw this new piece of street art down on Hackney Road, being pretty good and looking different to anything else out there at the moment, it caught our eye.  And so it follows that who do we bump into in Vienna but the Israeli kids responsible for the Hackney Road painting, Broken Fingaz (of which none seemed to have, but we didn't like to ask in case it involved some crazy Mossad secret intelligence punishment).  Go check them out  http://brokenfingaz.com/

Thanks to Nicholas and Nathalie from Inoperable for having us http://www.inoperable.at/

16/07/2012 10:33


All 3 editions of 'Oranges' have now been allocated and invoices sent out to those quick enough to get an email in and clever enough to read the instructions and include the correct information in that email.  If you haven't received a PayPal invoice then you were not successful on this occasion.  However any unsuccessful emails have now been placed in a 'Reserves' folder.  Should any invoices remain unpaid and prints become available, I will contact you in due course.  Art Republic and Nelly Duff also have an allocation of the regular edition to sell so those that were unsuccessful may like to visit their sites.    

Mailing will commence next week, those who have secured a print will receive a PayPal notification with their tracking number on the day of postage (or thereabouts).  Due to the large volume of emails I have received it would be impossible to answer all unsuccessful mails individually, my commiserations to you.  Thanks to all for your patience and decorum.  


12/07/2012 00:02

Worth More - London

Apologies for those who live or work in Old Street - you must have been thinking "What the F#@! is he up to this time!" - Ben Eine and conceptual, unfinished, is that what its meant to look like ?, street art bollocks do not mix - and you would have been right.  It was the rain, it was our glourious British summer.  Four times we carried large bags of spray paint, ladders and packed lunches to London and four times we carried it all home.  The sun finally burst through the clouds, the rain held off for long enough and we got it finished.

06/07/2012 14:08

Calculate - Amsterdam

Amsterdam.  With the help of Mark Chalmers of the Garage http://thegarageamsterdam.com/ and Hyland Mather of Battalion http://battalionamsterdam.tumblr.com/ a very quick in and out was organized for the city of sin.  There were a few things lined up to paint, but the weather was so bad and the city so much fun that all we managed was the largest door in the world.  When they said “we’ve got a shutter for you to paint” I never envisaged this.  That said, this trip felt like a reward for nearly killing ourselves in Manchester. As well as a special preview of an amazing upcoming book; ‘NSM: Painter’ by Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman.  We had a Swedish Midsummer celebration with dinner for 30, homemade schnapps and singing courtesy of the wonderful Bianca and Mr Chalmers.  The London Police took Steph for Indian Food in a gay sauna and even weirder than that, we bumped into Risk (MSK) from LA on the ferry, who was also off to paint something.  Such is this life.

You can view NSM's work here http://www.unrulygallery.com/category/by-niels-shoe-meulman but you'll have to wait a litle while yet for the book as Adele and Shoe had only just sent it off for publishing.

Additional pics courtesy of Nicole Blommers


29/06/2012 08:38

Original Artwork Available

We have some original artwork by Eine (clearly) available for sale.  Prices start at £3000.  Please email sales@einesigns.co.uk for further details if interested.  


19/06/2012 12:48

Tenderloin Font

When I did my solo show at White Walls gallery, last March (2011) I designed a new font which I called 'The San Francisco Font'.  I designed this font from an old Philip Morris till receipt.  Only using the P and the M, I managed to create the whole alphabet, probably looking nothing like the originally intended version -  but I was happy with the result.  I've used this font on a few canvasses but more importantly I've pushed and developed this in interesting ways on the streets.  It's become one of my favourite typefaces because of how versatile it is.   It also has more character and is more adaptable than some of the other fonts that I use.  Another interesting character from the United States is a young man called Chank Diesel.  Now Chank's real job is designing fonts and re-designing typography.  These he either licences out to large corporations or enables free downloads for personal use.  Chank saw a painting in San Francisco where I'd used my new font and proposed that he do something proper with it.  As there is already an alphabet designed in the 60's called 'The San Francisco Font', we had to come up with a different name - Tenderloin won and for those who have been to the area, you'll understand why.  Check out the new font, designed by me and Chank - you can download it for FREE by following this link


I hope some of you will do something original and creative with it.  Or just write your name.  


07/06/2012 22:44

New Beginnings

We're out of Manchester.  We're out of the Lowry.  You'll notice, by the photographs, on this new post that we didn't take them.  I'm in a stolen car, driving to Heathrow airport whilst we should be in Bristol.  But I digress.   Thank fuck that's all over.  I'm really, really pleased with what we did and how it came out.  So much of what we painted came from standing in front of the wall, rather than drawling over a sketchbook.  It's not so much whether its right, or it works - because in a couple of months its going to be painted over anyway.  It's more about how I'm going to push and develop my ideas and keep moving forward.  Lets see where we go for the rest of the year.  And if anyone see's Lister, tell him I miss him.  

03/06/2012 21:23

Continuing at the Lowry

Nice surprises are good and Ben Frost (our favourite artist from Sydney) turning up today was a nice surprise.  Unfortunately he didn't have the time to help us and we didn't have the time to go and party, so after a brief exchange he continued on his upwards journey.  The news that tomorrow was to be our last day painting - and now we were going to have to work through the night - was not a nice surprise.   At 10 'o clock the following morning we were hallucinating and fighting like a couple of pre-menstrual teenagers as team Lowry fumbled into work.  The buzzer sounded, pots of paint and brushes were put down and our time was up.  Cleaners arrived to make good our mess, photographers of high standards were called into action and Steph and I made a dash for the train station.    

As soon as we get some good photographs of what we painted, we'll put them up on the site.  Until then we'll put up some more of our photographs.

01/06/2012 18:21

Not quite finished at the Lowry

Another long, long day.  Since being in Manchester, all we've seen is the apartment and the Lowry - I'm sure Manchester has a lot more to offer but unfortunately we have our priorities the wrong way round.  But, hey, look how cool the wall's turning out.  When we arrived I had some sketches of the words but no idea of how they would fit, the colours and what to do with the background.  I know I've given the Lowry some headaches by not having detailed drawings and colour schemes of how the finished wall will look but I really enjoy working when I take my inspiration from the blank canvas.  By not having a concrete plan it left room for an  innovative new idea to develop and I'm pleased with result.  Two more, exceptionally long days and we're out of here.  http://www.thelowry.com/event/ben-eine

30/05/2012 23:24

Taking shape at the Lowry

Things are really beginning to come together now.  Steph and I have 3 helpers from the Lowry so fortunately we're not doing everything ourselves.  Saying that, we're still working until past midnight and are back in again in time for breakfast.  If this wall was in the street we could get away with it being much scrappier, but as it's inside a museum - and the shape of the room dictates that you have no choice but to be right against the painting - we're trying to make this as neat and professional as possible.  We have until Saturday, when the doors open, to get this wrapped up.  By which point, we'll be down in Bristol, painting something else.     http://www.thelowry.com/event/ben-eine

29/05/2012 08:46

Sketching up the words at the Lowry

Easily went up pretty easily and that gave us an idea for the scale and the size of the other words.  Whilst the team were finishing off the background on Easily, I busied myself with sketching up the rest of our phrase.  The difficulty with this particular painting is the design of the wall, each panel is either concertinaed, has a bizarre overhang or in one case a convenient flight of stairs meaning no other words fit nicely on one panel nor can I stand back and look at my sketches to see if the word has the continuity that I need.  Anyway, enough of my moaning, progress is being made and by the end of today we should have a lot more colours to show you.   

28/05/2012 08:48

Easily at the Lowry

Easily - the first one finished......one down, 7 left and the clock is ticking......

26/05/2012 08:36

The Lowry, Manchester

After a trip down to the Paint Shop we could finally get started, fortunately the Lowry had sorted us out with some helpers because this wall is massive, its the biggest indoor wall ive attempted to paint, 82 metres long and just over 5 metres tall in most places. 12 hours later and a few blisters we had finished, each of the 18 or so panels making up the wall have been painted a base colour. Tomorrow we start sketching up the words, as I have no idea if they are all going to fit, it could be a little stressful.   But I have chosen a phrase where I can loose a few smaller words if it looks like I'm  running out of space.  As soon as we have art on the walls we will do another post.

From a very sunny Manchester, cheers Ben and Steph 

22/05/2012 22:05

Two Weeks at the Lowry

For the next 2 weeks, this is our home.  A few months ago, The Lowry in Manchester asked if I would be interested in doing an installation.  I took a trip to Manchester to see what this involved and overlooking the docks, facing Media City (the new home of the BBC) there is an 82 metre concertinaed wall inside the museum space.  The only requirement from The Lowry was they wanted to communicate something to Media City, outside of that I am being completely left alone to my own devices.  These images are from before we were let loose, every couple of days we are aiming to update this blog with our progress in as real time as these kind of things allow for -  long days up a ladder and tiredness allowing.  Check back in a few days to see if we've kept to our promise.  http://www.thelowry.com/event/ben-eine

10/04/2012 13:32

Worth More Than A Scion - San Francisco

Worth More Than A Scion - San Francisco