03/09/2012 13:49

Grey Fade Oranges with Red Background - Screen Print Available

'Grey Faded Oranges'  

Edition 37, signed, hand pulled screen print wih deckled edge on 310gsm Somerset paper.  70cm x 70cm.   £350 plus shipping.  

To purchase please email sales@einesigns.co.uk with your full name and delivery address.  

We only have 15 of these prints left, sold purely on a first come, first serve basis and these are the last of any Oranges prints to be sold.  

If succesful you will be sent an email containing a link to a secure payment processor where you can pay by credit or debit card (excludes American Express), this will also contain details of your allocated edition number.  If you haven't heard from us within 7 days then your order was unsuccesful, due to the amount of enquiries we can't relpy to all unsuccesful requests individually.  The shipping costs are as follows:

UK: £12.00

EU: £14.00

USA: £20.00

ROW: £25.00


All prints will be shipped within 28 days.  


16/07/2012 10:33


All 3 editions of 'Oranges' have now been allocated and invoices sent out to those quick enough to get an email in and clever enough to read the instructions and include the correct information in that email.  If you haven't received a PayPal invoice then you were not successful on this occasion.  However any unsuccessful emails have now been placed in a 'Reserves' folder.  Should any invoices remain unpaid and prints become available, I will contact you in due course.  Art Republic and Nelly Duff also have an allocation of the regular edition to sell so those that were unsuccessful may like to visit their sites.    

Mailing will commence next week, those who have secured a print will receive a PayPal notification with their tracking number on the day of postage (or thereabouts).  Due to the large volume of emails I have received it would be impossible to answer all unsuccessful mails individually, my commiserations to you.  Thanks to all for your patience and decorum.  


12/07/2012 00:02

Worth More - London

Apologies for those who live or work in Old Street - you must have been thinking "What the F#@! is he up to this time!" - Ben Eine and conceptual, unfinished, is that what its meant to look like ?, street art bollocks do not mix - and you would have been right.  It was the rain, it was our glourious British summer.  Four times we carried large bags of spray paint, ladders and packed lunches to London and four times we carried it all home.  The sun finally burst through the clouds, the rain held off for long enough and we got it finished.

29/06/2012 08:38

Original Artwork Available

We have some original artwork by Eine (clearly) available for sale.  Prices start at £3000.  Please email sales@einesigns.co.uk for further details if interested.  


07/03/2012 19:56

Home Sweet Home Less - London

This is the third year that I'm supporting Shelter in their annual art auction http://england.shelter.org.uk/what_you_can_do/events_and_challenges/up_my_street and every year we talk about the possibility of me painting a wall to promote the fact.  At last all the planets aligned and a painting got painted.  Out of all the walls I've ever painted this is the wall that I've found the preparation the most frustrating.  I had an original idea for the painting, two words stretched out across all 4 panels.  I drew some sketches for this and I was quite pleased with how it was looking.  A few days before I was supposed to do the painting, Shelter came back and vetoed my choice of words.  I spent the next 3 days trying to think of 2 words that worked as well as my original idea, becoming more depressed and less enthusiastic as nothing was happening.  On the morning of painting I was still wrestling with my 2 words across the 4 panels.  Arriving at the wall and in a flash of inspiration whilst continuing my theme of 'less' words, it hit me - Home Sweet Home Less.  One word in each panel.  Job done. 



17/02/2012 20:42

Spring Clean Screen Prints

It being the season for such things we've had a little tidy up in the studio and unearthed some old treasures.  We now have a (very) limited selection of prints available for sale.  Details of each print are next to the images above.  If you would like to purchase please email sales@einesigns.co.uk 

Each print will be sent individually in a sturdy cardboard tube via Royal Mail Special Delivery/International Signed For.  Prices as follows:

UK = £10.00    EUR = £11.00    US = £12.00    ROW = £13.00 



10/11/2011 01:37

Unfair - Group Show at Whisper

The last thing I'm doing in a gallery until next year.  Unfair, a group show featuring 3 other artists opens in the evening of Thursday 10th November and runs until 3rd December.  See flyer for additional details.

06/11/2011 02:35

London Riot

Hackney Road, Thursday 3rd November.  Firework night just around the corner and traditionally a night where the young try to overthrow the man in power.  Be warned, London is a sparkler waiting for a match.  

20/07/2011 23:00

Gossip Well Told

Worked on this wall at Monkier's 'Gossip Well Told' show.  London - Greatest Vandal.

25/10/2010 13:00


Hollywell Lane, London
October 2010
Freehand Spray Paint on Wall

The first year of Moniker Art Fair I was invited to re-visit the wall that I had previously painted VANDALISM on, many moons ago.  Painting this wall gave me the opportunity to think about how much street art has changed and how different it was not so long ago.  When I had painted Vandalism on this same wall the question I was pondering was is it art or is it vandalism.  Painting walls and producing street art has become, in those years, a much more calculated process, with artists concentrating more on using their pieces to market themselves with an aim to make money rather than just the sheer enjoyment of painting something outside for effect.   This being the first large-scale event concentrating solely on street art and targeting an international audience this fact was more apparent to me than ever.   Calculate fitted the space and it fitted the motives.

05/10/2010 13:00

Pro Pro Pro

Corner of Redchurch Street and Ebor Street, London
October 2010
Freehand Spray Paint on Wall

The morning after I finished Anti-Anti-Anti I received an email from a friend who works for Mother, an advertising agency (EVIL).  Mark, whom I had worked with before was asking if I would be interested in painting something on his wall directly opposite Anti-Anti-Anti.   I jumped at the chance as I thought,  “Wow, I’ve got half of the street and now I have the opportunity to paint the other half, this kind of thing doesn’t happen very often”.  As well as this, there was going to be a budget, meaning I could recover the money spent painting Anti, Anti, Anti.  Two weeks later I painted Pro, Pro, Pro in brightly coloured circus font, which was in stark contrast to the monochrome piece directly opposite.  Half way through painting the police turned up which in my line of work is not out of the ordinary.  However the police that turned up on that day, for some reason, were the river police although they didn’t turn up in a boat.  Graffiti not being something that happens very often on the river meant that the attending police officers weren’t used to dealing with artists and didn’t believe any of our assurances that we were allowed to be painting and had in fact been commissioned by the owners of the wall.  They insisted on speaking with someone from Mother to confirm we weren’t criminals, and were merely making the world a brighter place.  Once our story was corroborated we had to pose for photographs with them as they thought that one of us might be Banksy.  I think Graham, my assistant, even had to sign something for one of them. 

28/09/2010 15:00

Sell The House

Middlesex Street, London
September 2010
Freehand and Stenciled Spray Paint on Wall

I was asked to paint a wall at the end of Middlesex Street where I had painted the alphabet on all the shop shutters.  The wall was in a very good location but it had these fucking ugly windows slap bang in the middle making it virtually impossible to paint one big piece.  I had some letter stencils, approximately 50cm square so I grabbed a bag of spray paint, rounded up some stray stencils from around the studio and decided to see what I could come up with. 

20/09/2010 15:00


Corner of Redchurch Street and Ebor Street, London
September 2010
Freehand Spray Paint on Wall

Sometime in July 2010 I received an email from Neville Broody, graphic design and typography God and one of my design heroes.  Mr. Broody was organizing the Anti-Design Festival and asked if I would be interested in taking part.  I jumped at the chance to work with somebody who I had admired for many years.  I said to Mr. Broody that if he could find me a wall then I would paint it.  Cut to the middle of August and he’d done just that.  They’d found me a wall but their budget was zero pounds and zero pence.  As the wall was in such a prime location I thought “Fuck it’, I’ll pay for this, I’m going to have a really big wall in the middle of Shoreditch, its worth every penny”.  We had a meeting prior to painting the wall to work out what I was going to write and the colours I was to use.  At this meeting the landlord insisted that he didn’t want the windows painted over.  The inside of the space is an art gallery and there is a fake interior wall running the length of the outside wall that I was going to paint, completely covering the windows so it wasn’t like they were being used anyway.  I suggested we would cover the windows with a clear vinyl and at a later date if they wanted to use the windows they could simply peel the vinyl off.  Mr. Landlord was happy with this so it was full steam ahead.

When we turned up in the morning to start painting we began to cover the windows.  All of a sudden Mr. Caretaker came running out bellowing “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!, YOU CAN”T DO THAT!!”.  We explained what we were doing and that we had permission to do it and he insisted that under no circumstances would anyone ever have allowed us to paint over the windows.  Blah blah blah blah blah blah, and half an hour later he’s storming off to speak with the landlord.  The moment he turned his back, we got out the rollers and white paint and start painting the wall white.  By the time he returned, 45 minutes later, nearly the whole side of his building was now white.  He went absolutely ballistic but it was too late to do anything about it.  We explained that as we had already started the best solution would be to let us finish.  Then ‘the powers that be’ could have a meeting and if they didn’t like it we would come back and paint over it.  That evening, around 10:30pm, we finally got the go ahead to paint the wall.  Over the next two days we painted ANTI, ANTI, ANTI and they must have liked it as it’s still there. 

20/09/2010 14:00


Old Street, London
September 2010
Freehand Spray Paint on Wall

In 2008 Peter Sinclair contacted Steph at Stella Dore to ask if she could recommend a street artist to paint a mural to honour the memory of his son, Tom, who was fatally stabbed on Old Street.  Peter had set up the Flavisum Trust to raise awareness and attempt to change young people’s attitudes towards knives and carrying knives.  It took many months of letter writing and wrangling on Peter’s part to secure planning permission from Islington Council.  Due to Peter’s determination this was granted in 2010 and we went ahead and wrote the word CHANGE near to the spot where Tom was killed.

30/06/2010 23:00

The Strangest Week

Hackney Road, London
July 2010
Stenciled Spray Paint on Wooden Hoarding

This is the beauty of having your picture in the newspapers.  A few weeks previously I had asked for permission to paint this wall and a swift ‘NO’ was the given answer.  After the hoo-ha that followed events concerning David Cameron, a painting and President Obama, I received a phone call from the ‘No man’ asking if I would like, after all, to paint his wall which I promptly did. RYCA turned up to help and it wasn’t the type of wall where help wouldn’t have hindered so I lent him some stencils and a few tins of paint and he wrote ‘POWER UP’.  I chose to write THE STRANGEST WEEK because it not only fitted the space but it summed up the week. 

23/04/2010 13:00

Oranges & Lemons

Mercer Street, London
April 2010
Stenciled Spray Paint on Wall

London Graphic Centre in conjunction with Art Republic invited me to paint their wall in the middle of Covent Garden.  The City of Westminster being somewhere I don’t paint in very often I thought, ‘why not?’.  Westminster Council aren’t very tolerant towards graffiti and street art, in fact they hate it.  With the support of London Graphic Centre I thought we could possibly use this as an opportunity for them to review their policy.    

15/03/2010 00:00

A-Z Alphabet Street

Middlesex Street, London
January – March 2010
Freehand Spray Paint on Shutters

What took me 3 months to paint, took Jessica Tibbles from Electric Blue gallery nearly a year to organize.  It always, always takes longer seeking the permission of shop owners and landlords than it does actually painting the work.  But eventually she succeeded in gaining permission from 18 of the 26 shops needed to paint the A-Z in order.   Luckily once we started the undecided 8 shops likes what they saw and joined in, as is often the case.