01/10/2011 20:48

Eine in Beijing

Just arrived in New York after a weeks stay in Beijing where we painted Greatest Adventures and a huge billboard HAPPINESS.  I was out there with Neville Brody, he of graphic design bestest and Shoe of Amsterdam graffiti legend for the first Beijing Design Week. As well as all the painting and getting up, we discoed with Neckface and the Thrasher skake team and luged down the Great Wall of China.  Beijing crazy crazy place.

Start painting in the Bronx this week..   

Photograph courtesy of Bas Uterwijk

25/09/2011 23:00

Happiness in China

Happiness, my second painting in Beijing only its not a painting, it is a 52 metre-long print out of a painting.  They did give me the option of actually painting this, but being as it's way up in the sky and anyone looking at it's way down on the floor, I thought "who's actually going to care whether its hand painted or not" and so saved myself a weeks worth of toxic poisoning painting a massive vinyl sheet and pressed CTRL + P instead.