28/02/2012 19:47

Faith - Mexico

Down in Chuloula or somewhere thats probably spelt properly, I'm unable to get to South Africa for Liberty's wedding.  I thought the least I could do is paint her name nice and big and call it her wedding present.  So Happy Wedding Day Faith, albeit (on the website) a little late.  Chuloola is a pretty cool spot, about 3 or 4 hour drive from Mexico City, this place really does feel lke you're in Mexico.  For some reason, maybe because of their spicy roasted tomato hot sauce, lots of street artists seem to have made their way down here.  This is the first place where it appears to be more street art than graffiti, even our buddy from Belgium and his black and white rats has passed through.

01/02/2012 16:27

Mexican Round Up

Mexico City

20/01/2012 15:37

The Bread of the Rich - Mexico

The Bread of the Rich is the Struggle of the Poor - Mexico

17/01/2012 20:30

Danger - Mexico

Danger - Mexico City

15/01/2012 14:13

Vandals - Mexico City

Vandals - Mexico City


12/01/2012 15:14

In Control - Mexico

In Control - Mexico City

09/01/2012 16:37

Enjoy - Mexico

Eine in Mexico