29/09/2012 18:33

To Express - Screen Print

SCREEN PRINT FOR SALE   http://onethirty3.com/index.php/shop/

The Lowry being my largest and most adventurous indoor painting to date was also just im-fucking-possible to photograph.  So unfortunately no record of the whole wall exists - just fractured, angled segments.  The Lowry produced a pack of postcards which in no way did our two weeks of hard work justice.  After getting the physical painting right on the walls of OneThirty3, I wanted to deal with the tangible side of things.  We produced one of the best screen prints I've ever had the pleasure of signing my name to.  The screen printers really did an exceptional job.  Its always a nerve racking moment when you open the first pack of prints or see the last colour being put down, unsure if this will live up to my expectations or leave me feeling like I should have gone on that photoshop course after all.  This print just works.  The ink, the colours, the two different varnishes - you can see the print jumping off the paper.

And now for the exciting bit:  

"To Express (YELLOW)"

10 colour, hand pulled screen print on 300gsm Somerset White Satin with 2 separate varnishes.  740mm x 520mm.  Edition 166, signed and numbered by the artist.  £225 plus P&P.  ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH  http://onethirty3.com/index.php/shop/

"To Express (SILVER)"

10 colour, hand pulled screen print on 300gsm Somerset White Satin with 2 separate varnishes.  740mm x 520mm.  Edition 33, signed and numbered by the artist.  £350 plus P&P.  ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH  http://onethirty3.com/index.php/shop/


29/09/2012 17:48

To Express - OneThirty3, Newcastle

This marks the end of Hush's 2 year installation based art project.  This weird Northern outpost is the last culturally significant spot on the map before Scotland (and there's not many spots in Scotland).  Hush managed to lure a fantastic array of artists that if you didn't come across in the Baltic Centre, you would be very surprised to see in those ends.  From Paul Insect and Sickboy to Titifreak via Herakut and back again.  I wanted to re-visit the one part of my painting from the Lowry that I wasn't completely happy with.  To Express was the most free flowing of all the words and try as I might, the irregular angled shape of the wall continually threw out my sketches - from whatever angle you looked at it, it never looked right.  In Newcastle I wanted to see if I could make it work or perhaps come up with another lame excuse about angles and walls.  With the more sympathetic structure of flat walls, the flow of the letters did indeed work.  I left happy and with no need to look back.  

More images can be viewed here:  http://www.flickr.com/people/onethirty3/

28/07/2012 21:28

Vienna Shutters

Part 2 of our Vienna trip, once we got Colour Fool sorted we rustled up all the fun spray we could find from everywhere, jumped in the car and went off to paint shutters.  Here is a selection of some of the stuff we did; we basically kept going until we'd used all of the paint.  Vienna looks like a much brighter and happier place due to our visit.  Hopefully we'll get back there soon, finish the alphabet and maybe get some more numbers rolling.

A big THANK YOU to everybody who bought one of our lovely new screen prints, we are hoping to have everything posted out by Monday 6th of August.  Nelly Duff and Art Republic both have 50 prints each, they may well have sold out but if you missed out its worth a check.  


20/07/2012 13:44

Colour Fool - Vienna

Another week and another fat, ugly, bright orange EasyJet flight.  Why do they fly everywhere and why do I always end up on them.  If only Virgin Atlantic flew everywhere, I would be so much happier.  So we were picked up from the airport by Nicholas from Inoperable Gallery who had very kindly invited us out"to make zee street art in ze vanderful sity of Vienna".  Inoperable had found us a wall on the side of an old movie theatre.  The owners were totally cool and basically let us paint whatever we wanted, however the wall wasn't quite as accommodating.  After much thought I decided on the phrase 'Colour Fool', describing how positive I feel about my life right now.  Being with 2 Americans we discovered that if you say 'Colourful' repeatedly, over and over again in your most L.A gangsta lingo you can actually entertain yourself for days.  Try this yourselves, its really, really good fun.  If anyone has other phrases, in other accents that sound equally as funny please let us know and we'll put them up on a wall (this could be the start of something big.              or not).  

Just as we were leaving London we saw this new piece of street art down on Hackney Road, being pretty good and looking different to anything else out there at the moment, it caught our eye.  And so it follows that who do we bump into in Vienna but the Israeli kids responsible for the Hackney Road painting, Broken Fingaz (of which none seemed to have, but we didn't like to ask in case it involved some crazy Mossad secret intelligence punishment).  Go check them out  http://brokenfingaz.com/

Thanks to Nicholas and Nathalie from Inoperable for having us http://www.inoperable.at/

06/07/2012 14:08

Calculate - Amsterdam

Amsterdam.  With the help of Mark Chalmers of the Garage http://thegarageamsterdam.com/ and Hyland Mather of Battalion http://battalionamsterdam.tumblr.com/ a very quick in and out was organized for the city of sin.  There were a few things lined up to paint, but the weather was so bad and the city so much fun that all we managed was the largest door in the world.  When they said “we’ve got a shutter for you to paint” I never envisaged this.  That said, this trip felt like a reward for nearly killing ourselves in Manchester. As well as a special preview of an amazing upcoming book; ‘NSM: Painter’ by Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman.  We had a Swedish Midsummer celebration with dinner for 30, homemade schnapps and singing courtesy of the wonderful Bianca and Mr Chalmers.  The London Police took Steph for Indian Food in a gay sauna and even weirder than that, we bumped into Risk (MSK) from LA on the ferry, who was also off to paint something.  Such is this life.

You can view NSM's work here http://www.unrulygallery.com/category/by-niels-shoe-meulman but you'll have to wait a litle while yet for the book as Adele and Shoe had only just sent it off for publishing.

Additional pics courtesy of Nicole Blommers