15/08/2012 10:55

A Plethora of News

There's so much going on right now so we thought we'd keep you in the loop with a post in the Eine diary.  Firstly, Carlo McCormick, general flag waving, street art champion is curating a show at Jonathan Levine's gallery in NY http://jonathanlevinegallery.com/.  This show is based around the idea of 'Detournement'; a style of art embraced by the cut and copy punk movement and also by some of us.  With a top billing line up of artists that Jonathan would have been unable to muster on his lonesome, expect some delightful artistic delights.  

For those not in the advertising world, D&AD stands for Design and Art Direction http://www.dandad.org/.  This year they are celebrating 50 years of existence by bringing out a book showcasing the best innovative design of the last half-century.  They have asked 50 creative, interesting individuals to design a cover and this (fig2) is the Fiasko that I came up with.

Dabs & Myla - super nice, unbelievably friendly, full of bright colours (and that's just their paintings) - are hosting a show of their and their friends work down at Thinkspace http://thinkspacegallery.com/ in LA.  This is definitely going to be another show worth checking out - and not just because I'm also in it - but because of the friend's Dabs & Myla have made on their travels.  Each of the contributing artists has been given the same sized wooden panel to work with.  After that, there is no brief and we are left to our own creative devices.

Now, one of the faults of my website (aside from the restrictive image size) is I must provide 4 images for every blog post.  Sometimes we struggle to find something powerful enough to be worthy of that 4th slot - but not today.  VNA magazine released their 19th issue not long ago, featuring one of our favourite artists-to-bump-into-in-weird-places-around-the-world on the cover.  How and Nosm - the German machine due - another favourite also feature, we recommend getting yourself a copy before you miss your chance.  http://verynearlyalmost.com/blog/shop/vna-19/

Over and Out.

10/04/2012 13:32

Worth More Than A Scion - San Francisco

Worth More Than A Scion - San Francisco

07/03/2012 19:56

Home Sweet Home Less - London

This is the third year that I'm supporting Shelter in their annual art auction http://england.shelter.org.uk/what_you_can_do/events_and_challenges/up_my_street and every year we talk about the possibility of me painting a wall to promote the fact.  At last all the planets aligned and a painting got painted.  Out of all the walls I've ever painted this is the wall that I've found the preparation the most frustrating.  I had an original idea for the painting, two words stretched out across all 4 panels.  I drew some sketches for this and I was quite pleased with how it was looking.  A few days before I was supposed to do the painting, Shelter came back and vetoed my choice of words.  I spent the next 3 days trying to think of 2 words that worked as well as my original idea, becoming more depressed and less enthusiastic as nothing was happening.  On the morning of painting I was still wrestling with my 2 words across the 4 panels.  Arriving at the wall and in a flash of inspiration whilst continuing my theme of 'less' words, it hit me - Home Sweet Home Less.  One word in each panel.  Job done. 



03/03/2012 23:47

Breathless in Sunny Hastings

This empty spot in Old Town, Hastings High Street had been painted with a diabolical piece of public art for as long as I've lived here.  The good Steph tracked down and spoke with the right people and quickly permission came my way to paint some "Street Art".  I don't think this was what most people were expecting as their only insight into the world of street art previously was a small child playing with sandcastles.  The amount of huffs and puffs and "we preferred it before"'s was quite comical, but we battled through the barrage of abuse, visits from the council's planning department and German tourists to paint this.  I enjoyed it, especially if outraged-from-Tunbridge-Wells is composing a letter to the Daily Mail as we speak.  Street Artists - come to Hastings if you still want to feel like a radical revolutionary.


28/02/2012 20:09

Sickness - San Francisco

While in Mexico I was heavily influenced by the hand painted advertising and signage - all around you, especially in the older districts you find these beautifully crafted, hand painted shop signs.  The thing that I found interesting about these was the individuality and the freedom of style.  It appeared that the sign writers painting them weren't following any rule books - something which would be considered a mistake over here looked perfect and seemed to work in the colouful and vibrant surroundings.  I left Mexico with some great ideas and new ways to continue my typographic mission.  Also on my mind was Sickboy's forthcoming show at White Walls Gallery.  I'm hopefully going to be in San Francisco at the time of his show and I've been thinking about collaborating on a large wall with him.  With this in mind I'd been sketching some ideas, when I was given the opportunity to paint this wall on Brannah and 6th.  The wall itself is not ideal; two grilled windows and a large shutter break it up.  I couldn't make one word or phrase fit around these obstacles so the best way to make this work seemed to be to paint 3 separate words on the larger sections of the wall.  I started with Sickness on the first day, combining two letter styles and breaking the word up into its individual syllables, making the word fit the space comfortably.   Day 2, with two more sections still to paint and happy with the way Sickness had come out, I wanted to continue with that theme.  So I started thinking about 4 letter words that worked with a 'less' or a 'ness'.  There are some funny ones out there, but after hearing Sam's (landlord of the building) life story 'Hopeless' and 'Loveless' were the most appropriate.

Thanks to Dscreet Ben for coming down and filming the action

01/02/2012 16:27

Mexican Round Up

Mexico City

20/01/2012 15:37

The Bread of the Rich - Mexico

The Bread of the Rich is the Struggle of the Poor - Mexico

09/01/2012 16:37

Enjoy - Mexico

Eine in Mexico

18/11/2011 18:56

Miami Vandals

Arrived in Miami with no walls to paint and paint not arriving for another week.  Luckily we hooked up with Above who had loads of paint he didn't want and this time of year in Miami so many people are painting stuff on the street that the police turn a blind eye to you, which is nice.  First installment - Miami Vandals.  Watch this space.



01/10/2011 20:48

Eine in Beijing

Just arrived in New York after a weeks stay in Beijing where we painted Greatest Adventures and a huge billboard HAPPINESS.  I was out there with Neville Brody, he of graphic design bestest and Shoe of Amsterdam graffiti legend for the first Beijing Design Week. As well as all the painting and getting up, we discoed with Neckface and the Thrasher skake team and luged down the Great Wall of China.  Beijing crazy crazy place.

Start painting in the Bronx this week..   

Photograph courtesy of Bas Uterwijk

17/09/2011 02:26

Eynes In Dallas

Second wall in 4 days (sorry we're putting these up backwards), this one on Forth Worth Ave opposite mexican Johnny stunt man's lot and Shady Oaks.  Weirdly there was a big Ben Frost poster on the wall and on the way back to civilisation we drove past the grassy knoll.  


10/09/2011 19:54

Eine Big In Japan

Eine big in Japan

01/09/2011 20:05

Adventure, Osaka 2011

This is the largest wall I've painted in Osaka to date and is the third 'Adventure' that I've painted in as many continents.

18/05/2011 23:00

Beat in the Tenderloin, SF

BEAT, Beat, beat. keep on saying it over and over again and it no longer sounds like the cool choice of word i thought it was way back in May when i decided to write it, but thinking about it that could be said for anything, plus it fitted the space really well.

San Francisco we love you.xxxx



03/05/2011 23:00

SPESH, in the Mission, SF

Spesh - Now here is a story, interesting or boring i'm not quite sure, but a story nontheless.  After talking to these farmer type people who organise a farmers market and could give me permission to paint this wall, we kind of agreed to write the word FRESH.  Again, as with all these spaces it's all about which letters fit the space best and which words i can make of this.  On the day cars blocked the way so I started writing FRESH backwards.  For the long 2 days that I was up and down painting the wall all I got was grief from the Market Farmer guy " You can't do this", " You can't park there", "You can't say that" - for 2 long days - "Can't, Can't, Can't"

We arrived early on the 3rd morning to paint the F and R and immediately they started moaning and can'ting, it felt like i'd come away with my wife by mistake.   I wasn't being paid to promote their farmers market and I was supplying all the paint myself, so I thought 'fuck this' and started working out what else I could write.  SPESH seemed the perfect solution.  Having special needs was exactly how I felt.

So San Francisco got a great big SPESH.  Unfortunately San Francisco already has a writer call Spesh who didn't like me writing his name and someone threw bottles of Corona filled with paint over the painting.  All in a days work, Ha