28/07/2012 21:28

Vienna Shutters

Part 2 of our Vienna trip, once we got Colour Fool sorted we rustled up all the fun spray we could find from everywhere, jumped in the car and went off to paint shutters.  Here is a selection of some of the stuff we did; we basically kept going until we'd used all of the paint.  Vienna looks like a much brighter and happier place due to our visit.  Hopefully we'll get back there soon, finish the alphabet and maybe get some more numbers rolling.

A big THANK YOU to everybody who bought one of our lovely new screen prints, we are hoping to have everything posted out by Monday 6th of August.  Nelly Duff and Art Republic both have 50 prints each, they may well have sold out but if you missed out its worth a check.  


19/06/2012 12:48

Tenderloin Font

When I did my solo show at White Walls gallery, last March (2011) I designed a new font which I called 'The San Francisco Font'.  I designed this font from an old Philip Morris till receipt.  Only using the P and the M, I managed to create the whole alphabet, probably looking nothing like the originally intended version -  but I was happy with the result.  I've used this font on a few canvasses but more importantly I've pushed and developed this in interesting ways on the streets.  It's become one of my favourite typefaces because of how versatile it is.   It also has more character and is more adaptable than some of the other fonts that I use.  Another interesting character from the United States is a young man called Chank Diesel.  Now Chank's real job is designing fonts and re-designing typography.  These he either licences out to large corporations or enables free downloads for personal use.  Chank saw a painting in San Francisco where I'd used my new font and proposed that he do something proper with it.  As there is already an alphabet designed in the 60's called 'The San Francisco Font', we had to come up with a different name - Tenderloin won and for those who have been to the area, you'll understand why.  Check out the new font, designed by me and Chank - you can download it for FREE by following this link


I hope some of you will do something original and creative with it.  Or just write your name.  


01/02/2012 16:27

Mexican Round Up

Mexico City

10/11/2011 01:37

Unfair - Group Show at Whisper

The last thing I'm doing in a gallery until next year.  Unfair, a group show featuring 3 other artists opens in the evening of Thursday 10th November and runs until 3rd December.  See flyer for additional details.

20/10/2011 06:40

Eine in Manhatten, NYC

Painted over 40 shutters in NY - Manhattan and the Bronx, including the whole alphabet, the first ever spanish n and an apostrophe. Swaaag.


20/09/2011 16:29

Great Adventures in Texas

The fourth Great Adventure in as many countries, this time in Dallas, Texas.  Hot as Hell.  In Dallas for the Goss-Michael Foundation annual charity aids auction.  30 artists including Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst, Gavin Turk, Pam Glew, Shepard Fairey and myself donated works for the auction.  For more info on the show visit http://www.gossmichaelfoundation.org/

15/08/2011 10:55

Eine Shutters - Japan

Landed in Japan a few days ago for a solo show at Megumi Ogita Gallery in Tokyo, currently painting shutters in boiling hot Osaka.  Only 3 shutters to go and there will be a complete A-Z here.  Planning on painting a big wall in the coming days, staying in Osaka so will post some more pictures as things happen on this fancy new website of mine.  Konnichiwa.

03/04/2011 23:00

LA Weekly

One of the reasons why the MOCA show worked so well was the amount of walls that were being painted by artists in the show, as well as  by artists that were in town because of the show, in and around LA.  The people at MOCA went some way in finding walls for artists, some artists sorted themselves out and then on hearing about the show fans of street art came forward and said "I've got a wall, come paint it".  This is how LA Weekly came about.


16/03/2011 00:00

De La Barracuda, LA

The morning after the opening at White Walls, on less than an hours, sleep we made it for a 9am flight to LA by the skin of our teeth.  Through a friend we had lined a wall to paint on Melrose, the side of a boxing club/fashion emporium.  DLBBC was the result.  



03/10/2010 23:00

Fair, Spontaneous, Passionate, Change the World and Celebrate


South Africa
October 2010
Freehand Spray Paint on Wine Towers

After the strangest week I received an email from Bernard who is this crazy dude in charge of ‘Wibbly Wobbly Wine’ in South Africa.  Bernard asked if I’d be interested in visiting South Africa and painting his wine towers.  South Africa being somewhere that I hadn’t visited before I said ‘Yah’ (insert your own poor example of a South African accent).  Until I arrived in South Africa I hadn’t worked out what it was I was going to paint.  Once I’d got to the towers, saw them in the flesh and taken measurements so that I could work out my options regarding number of letters per tower I could begin to decide.  I then started to go through the companies’ promotional paraphernalia to see if I could write something that summed up their involvement in the fair trade project, their forward thinking attitude and general all-round good ethos.  I eventually decided on “Fair Spontaneous Passionate Change the World and Celebrate” which ‘Wibbly Wobbly Wines’ went on to use on their wine labels.  The whole painting took 5 days from start to finish with 2 people helping to paint the background.  Whilst painting the towers I was given the opportunity to paint 2 further towers around the corner.  I was able to hook up Faith 47 with the job and she painted some sick characters of Lady Justice. http://blogmodart.rebelmobile.de/blog/faith47blog/  

As a result of hanging out with Faith I was introduced to DIE ANTWOOTRD, check out their video ‘About a Ninja’, prepare to have your understanding of Hip Hop turned on its head. 

28/09/2010 15:00

Sell The House

Middlesex Street, London
September 2010
Freehand and Stenciled Spray Paint on Wall

I was asked to paint a wall at the end of Middlesex Street where I had painted the alphabet on all the shop shutters.  The wall was in a very good location but it had these fucking ugly windows slap bang in the middle making it virtually impossible to paint one big piece.  I had some letter stencils, approximately 50cm square so I grabbed a bag of spray paint, rounded up some stray stencils from around the studio and decided to see what I could come up with. 

30/06/2010 23:00

The Strangest Week

Hackney Road, London
July 2010
Stenciled Spray Paint on Wooden Hoarding

This is the beauty of having your picture in the newspapers.  A few weeks previously I had asked for permission to paint this wall and a swift ‘NO’ was the given answer.  After the hoo-ha that followed events concerning David Cameron, a painting and President Obama, I received a phone call from the ‘No man’ asking if I would like, after all, to paint his wall which I promptly did. RYCA turned up to help and it wasn’t the type of wall where help wouldn’t have hindered so I lent him some stencils and a few tins of paint and he wrote ‘POWER UP’.  I chose to write THE STRANGEST WEEK because it not only fitted the space but it summed up the week.