29/05/2012 08:46

Sketching up the words at the Lowry

Easily went up pretty easily and that gave us an idea for the scale and the size of the other words.  Whilst the team were finishing off the background on Easily, I busied myself with sketching up the rest of our phrase.  The difficulty with this particular painting is the design of the wall, each panel is either concertinaed, has a bizarre overhang or in one case a convenient flight of stairs meaning no other words fit nicely on one panel nor can I stand back and look at my sketches to see if the word has the continuity that I need.  Anyway, enough of my moaning, progress is being made and by the end of today we should have a lot more colours to show you.   

03/03/2012 23:47

Breathless in Sunny Hastings

This empty spot in Old Town, Hastings High Street had been painted with a diabolical piece of public art for as long as I've lived here.  The good Steph tracked down and spoke with the right people and quickly permission came my way to paint some "Street Art".  I don't think this was what most people were expecting as their only insight into the world of street art previously was a small child playing with sandcastles.  The amount of huffs and puffs and "we preferred it before"'s was quite comical, but we battled through the barrage of abuse, visits from the council's planning department and German tourists to paint this.  I enjoyed it, especially if outraged-from-Tunbridge-Wells is composing a letter to the Daily Mail as we speak.  Street Artists - come to Hastings if you still want to feel like a radical revolutionary.


28/02/2012 20:09

Sickness - San Francisco

While in Mexico I was heavily influenced by the hand painted advertising and signage - all around you, especially in the older districts you find these beautifully crafted, hand painted shop signs.  The thing that I found interesting about these was the individuality and the freedom of style.  It appeared that the sign writers painting them weren't following any rule books - something which would be considered a mistake over here looked perfect and seemed to work in the colouful and vibrant surroundings.  I left Mexico with some great ideas and new ways to continue my typographic mission.  Also on my mind was Sickboy's forthcoming show at White Walls Gallery.  I'm hopefully going to be in San Francisco at the time of his show and I've been thinking about collaborating on a large wall with him.  With this in mind I'd been sketching some ideas, when I was given the opportunity to paint this wall on Brannah and 6th.  The wall itself is not ideal; two grilled windows and a large shutter break it up.  I couldn't make one word or phrase fit around these obstacles so the best way to make this work seemed to be to paint 3 separate words on the larger sections of the wall.  I started with Sickness on the first day, combining two letter styles and breaking the word up into its individual syllables, making the word fit the space comfortably.   Day 2, with two more sections still to paint and happy with the way Sickness had come out, I wanted to continue with that theme.  So I started thinking about 4 letter words that worked with a 'less' or a 'ness'.  There are some funny ones out there, but after hearing Sam's (landlord of the building) life story 'Hopeless' and 'Loveless' were the most appropriate.

Thanks to Dscreet Ben for coming down and filming the action

12/01/2012 15:14

In Control - Mexico

In Control - Mexico City

09/01/2012 16:37

Enjoy - Mexico

Eine in Mexico

10/12/2011 18:28

Wasting - Miami

Part 2 of My Valuable Time - Wasting.  This was Saturday when all hell was breaking loose.  I had a sick spot that I wanted to paint but unfortunately the dude who owned the wall was totally not down.  I sat there for about an hour weighing up the risks and it was just a bit too hot, with my reputation.  So I had a little spot around the corner and we went and rocked that.  Just as I was running out of paint Australia turned up and filled in the gap.  A sick little collab with Lister.  Very pleased as without Wasting, My Valuable Time was sending out the wrong message.  


18/11/2011 18:56

Miami Vandals

Arrived in Miami with no walls to paint and paint not arriving for another week.  Luckily we hooked up with Above who had loads of paint he didn't want and this time of year in Miami so many people are painting stuff on the street that the police turn a blind eye to you, which is nice.  First installment - Miami Vandals.  Watch this space.



05/10/2010 13:00

Pro Pro Pro

Corner of Redchurch Street and Ebor Street, London
October 2010
Freehand Spray Paint on Wall

The morning after I finished Anti-Anti-Anti I received an email from a friend who works for Mother, an advertising agency (EVIL).  Mark, whom I had worked with before was asking if I would be interested in painting something on his wall directly opposite Anti-Anti-Anti.   I jumped at the chance as I thought,  “Wow, I’ve got half of the street and now I have the opportunity to paint the other half, this kind of thing doesn’t happen very often”.  As well as this, there was going to be a budget, meaning I could recover the money spent painting Anti, Anti, Anti.  Two weeks later I painted Pro, Pro, Pro in brightly coloured circus font, which was in stark contrast to the monochrome piece directly opposite.  Half way through painting the police turned up which in my line of work is not out of the ordinary.  However the police that turned up on that day, for some reason, were the river police although they didn’t turn up in a boat.  Graffiti not being something that happens very often on the river meant that the attending police officers weren’t used to dealing with artists and didn’t believe any of our assurances that we were allowed to be painting and had in fact been commissioned by the owners of the wall.  They insisted on speaking with someone from Mother to confirm we weren’t criminals, and were merely making the world a brighter place.  Once our story was corroborated we had to pose for photographs with them as they thought that one of us might be Banksy.  I think Graham, my assistant, even had to sign something for one of them.