30/06/2010 23:00

The Strangest Week

Hackney Road, London
July 2010
Stenciled Spray Paint on Wooden Hoarding

This is the beauty of having your picture in the newspapers.  A few weeks previously I had asked for permission to paint this wall and a swift ‘NO’ was the given answer.  After the hoo-ha that followed events concerning David Cameron, a painting and President Obama, I received a phone call from the ‘No man’ asking if I would like, after all, to paint his wall which I promptly did. RYCA turned up to help and it wasn’t the type of wall where help wouldn’t have hindered so I lent him some stencils and a few tins of paint and he wrote ‘POWER UP’.  I chose to write THE STRANGEST WEEK because it not only fitted the space but it summed up the week.