25/10/2010 13:00


Hollywell Lane, London
October 2010
Freehand Spray Paint on Wall

The first year of Moniker Art Fair I was invited to re-visit the wall that I had previously painted VANDALISM on, many moons ago.  Painting this wall gave me the opportunity to think about how much street art has changed and how different it was not so long ago.  When I had painted Vandalism on this same wall the question I was pondering was is it art or is it vandalism.  Painting walls and producing street art has become, in those years, a much more calculated process, with artists concentrating more on using their pieces to market themselves with an aim to make money rather than just the sheer enjoyment of painting something outside for effect.   This being the first large-scale event concentrating solely on street art and targeting an international audience this fact was more apparent to me than ever.   Calculate fitted the space and it fitted the motives.