25/10/2010 13:00


Hollywell Lane, London
October 2010
Freehand Spray Paint on Wall

The first year of Moniker Art Fair I was invited to re-visit the wall that I had previously painted VANDALISM on, many moons ago.  Painting this wall gave me the opportunity to think about how much street art has changed and how different it was not so long ago.  When I had painted Vandalism on this same wall the question I was pondering was is it art or is it vandalism.  Painting walls and producing street art has become, in those years, a much more calculated process, with artists concentrating more on using their pieces to market themselves with an aim to make money rather than just the sheer enjoyment of painting something outside for effect.   This being the first large-scale event concentrating solely on street art and targeting an international audience this fact was more apparent to me than ever.   Calculate fitted the space and it fitted the motives.

05/10/2010 13:00

Pro Pro Pro

Corner of Redchurch Street and Ebor Street, London
October 2010
Freehand Spray Paint on Wall

The morning after I finished Anti-Anti-Anti I received an email from a friend who works for Mother, an advertising agency (EVIL).  Mark, whom I had worked with before was asking if I would be interested in painting something on his wall directly opposite Anti-Anti-Anti.   I jumped at the chance as I thought,  “Wow, I’ve got half of the street and now I have the opportunity to paint the other half, this kind of thing doesn’t happen very often”.  As well as this, there was going to be a budget, meaning I could recover the money spent painting Anti, Anti, Anti.  Two weeks later I painted Pro, Pro, Pro in brightly coloured circus font, which was in stark contrast to the monochrome piece directly opposite.  Half way through painting the police turned up which in my line of work is not out of the ordinary.  However the police that turned up on that day, for some reason, were the river police although they didn’t turn up in a boat.  Graffiti not being something that happens very often on the river meant that the attending police officers weren’t used to dealing with artists and didn’t believe any of our assurances that we were allowed to be painting and had in fact been commissioned by the owners of the wall.  They insisted on speaking with someone from Mother to confirm we weren’t criminals, and were merely making the world a brighter place.  Once our story was corroborated we had to pose for photographs with them as they thought that one of us might be Banksy.  I think Graham, my assistant, even had to sign something for one of them. 

03/10/2010 23:00

Fair, Spontaneous, Passionate, Change the World and Celebrate


South Africa
October 2010
Freehand Spray Paint on Wine Towers

After the strangest week I received an email from Bernard who is this crazy dude in charge of ‘Wibbly Wobbly Wine’ in South Africa.  Bernard asked if I’d be interested in visiting South Africa and painting his wine towers.  South Africa being somewhere that I hadn’t visited before I said ‘Yah’ (insert your own poor example of a South African accent).  Until I arrived in South Africa I hadn’t worked out what it was I was going to paint.  Once I’d got to the towers, saw them in the flesh and taken measurements so that I could work out my options regarding number of letters per tower I could begin to decide.  I then started to go through the companies’ promotional paraphernalia to see if I could write something that summed up their involvement in the fair trade project, their forward thinking attitude and general all-round good ethos.  I eventually decided on “Fair Spontaneous Passionate Change the World and Celebrate” which ‘Wibbly Wobbly Wines’ went on to use on their wine labels.  The whole painting took 5 days from start to finish with 2 people helping to paint the background.  Whilst painting the towers I was given the opportunity to paint 2 further towers around the corner.  I was able to hook up Faith 47 with the job and she painted some sick characters of Lady Justice. http://blogmodart.rebelmobile.de/blog/faith47blog/  

As a result of hanging out with Faith I was introduced to DIE ANTWOOTRD, check out their video ‘About a Ninja’, prepare to have your understanding of Hip Hop turned on its head.