29/11/2011 15:22

More Light More Power

In old London times, before electricity, before Jack the Ripper and just after Shakespeare, Shoreditch built the biggest gasworks in London.  Streetlights and shop fronts were lit with powerful gas lamps.  The authorities at the time were so proud that around the Royal crest of their new town hall they had the words - "More Light, More Power" carved and its still there today.   Unlike Whirley Gig, the London Apprentice and the Shoredicth Twat.  Here's to More Light More Power. 




18/11/2011 18:56

Miami Vandals

Arrived in Miami with no walls to paint and paint not arriving for another week.  Luckily we hooked up with Above who had loads of paint he didn't want and this time of year in Miami so many people are painting stuff on the street that the police turn a blind eye to you, which is nice.  First installment - Miami Vandals.  Watch this space.



10/11/2011 01:37

Unfair - Group Show at Whisper

The last thing I'm doing in a gallery until next year.  Unfair, a group show featuring 3 other artists opens in the evening of Thursday 10th November and runs until 3rd December.  See flyer for additional details.

06/11/2011 02:35

London Riot

Hackney Road, Thursday 3rd November.  Firework night just around the corner and traditionally a night where the young try to overthrow the man in power.  Be warned, London is a sparkler waiting for a match.