23/12/2011 16:13

Control - San Diego

Taking Control of our Lives


19/12/2011 23:25

I'm Destructive in Miami

I'm Destructive, and been feeling this way for a while.  The design destrict in Miami has this huge ugly pink inside of a room kind of thing on the corner of North Miami and 40th.   Whilst painting 'More Light More Power', Chris from Primary Flight asked if I was interested in painting this land mark in the design district  so I said - "Yeah i'll start tomorrow".   He mailed me an image and my first thought was 'THIS NEEDS TO BE. BLACK.'  Got it finished in 2 days then left the lift for ROA. super pleased with the result.  I dont say this very often but we left the wall looking better than when we arrived.
Thanks Chris


12/12/2011 19:22

Shutter Street - Miami

5th Avenue, Miami.  Not like 5th Avenue in New York but the only street in Wynwood full of shops with shutters.  We went down there with some permission slips and photo's of the stuff that we've done before and knocked on some doors, spoke to some Korean dudes and every 3rd of 4th shop reluctantly gave us permission to paint their shutters.  We turned up early morning Sunday and started painting the first store we had permission for.  Within minutes PC plod rolled up politely asking 'What the fuck?'.  As Steph had the shortest skirt and a brand new 'Guilty' tattoo we sent her over to deal with it.  10 or so minutes later it was all cool.    With that part of the process dealt with we continued painting every shutter down the entire length of 5th Ave with our own police protection.  40 shutters later, as the sun was beginning to set, we waved 'Goodbye' to PC Plod and decided never to show our faces on 5th Avenue again.  

thanks to www.deadfix.com for hooking up some photo's 

10/12/2011 18:28

Wasting - Miami

Part 2 of My Valuable Time - Wasting.  This was Saturday when all hell was breaking loose.  I had a sick spot that I wanted to paint but unfortunately the dude who owned the wall was totally not down.  I sat there for about an hour weighing up the risks and it was just a bit too hot, with my reputation.  So I had a little spot around the corner and we went and rocked that.  Just as I was running out of paint Australia turned up and filled in the gap.  A sick little collab with Lister.  Very pleased as without Wasting, My Valuable Time was sending out the wrong message.  


08/12/2011 16:55

My Valuable Time - Miami

The Montana Compound - Wynwood.  This is the place where the graffiti world was centered in Miami.  Crazy heads from all over painted in this giant lot and Rough the grass did something crap, apart from him it was insane to see the pieces that people were pulling off.  Wynwood at night turned into the Wild West, the police didn't seem to care and EVERYTHING was getting bombed to fuck.  For lots of people, if you didn't get your photographs before the sun set, by the time you came back in the morning your painting had been destroyed by the local vandals.  Its. Such. Fun.

Photos to come of the Wasting half of My Valuable Time.  Me and Lister killed it.