07/04/2011 06:17


Art in the Streets at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art - the biggest, fattest pat on the back from the men in suits, so far.  At the 11th hour I got a call to come down to LA and paint something.  Walking round the museum and seeing all these artists painting and installing their work, meeting these old men who were just young kids when I first picked up Subway Art as well as the young kids who are the next evolution in Street Art, WOW seemed to sum up exactly how I was feeling.  And the private view was quite good as well.      

03/04/2011 23:00

LA Weekly

One of the reasons why the MOCA show worked so well was the amount of walls that were being painted by artists in the show, as well as  by artists that were in town because of the show, in and around LA.  The people at MOCA went some way in finding walls for artists, some artists sorted themselves out and then on hearing about the show fans of street art came forward and said "I've got a wall, come paint it".  This is how LA Weekly came about.