18/05/2011 23:00

Beat in the Tenderloin, SF

BEAT, Beat, beat. keep on saying it over and over again and it no longer sounds like the cool choice of word i thought it was way back in May when i decided to write it, but thinking about it that could be said for anything, plus it fitted the space really well.

San Francisco we love you.xxxx



03/05/2011 23:00

SPESH, in the Mission, SF

Spesh - Now here is a story, interesting or boring i'm not quite sure, but a story nontheless.  After talking to these farmer type people who organise a farmers market and could give me permission to paint this wall, we kind of agreed to write the word FRESH.  Again, as with all these spaces it's all about which letters fit the space best and which words i can make of this.  On the day cars blocked the way so I started writing FRESH backwards.  For the long 2 days that I was up and down painting the wall all I got was grief from the Market Farmer guy " You can't do this", " You can't park there", "You can't say that" - for 2 long days - "Can't, Can't, Can't"

We arrived early on the 3rd morning to paint the F and R and immediately they started moaning and can'ting, it felt like i'd come away with my wife by mistake.   I wasn't being paid to promote their farmers market and I was supplying all the paint myself, so I thought 'fuck this' and started working out what else I could write.  SPESH seemed the perfect solution.  Having special needs was exactly how I felt.

So San Francisco got a great big SPESH.  Unfortunately San Francisco already has a writer call Spesh who didn't like me writing his name and someone threw bottles of Corona filled with paint over the painting.  All in a days work, Ha