29/06/2011 23:00

Roskilde Festival, Denmark, 2011

When you get a free ticket to a festival it's always a joy, when you get invited over to paint a 100ft wall opposite the main stage at that festival how can you refuse.  Thanks to Tuborg beer and Mikkel at V1 gallery in Copenhagen we had the opportunity to do just that.  Roskilde is an incredibly environmentally aware festival, you can exchange your empty beer cans for money, or even better a go on the massive zip wire they had erected there.  We had a lot of fun painting this wall and met some great people and even got to see some good bands.  Memorably The Arctic Monkeys and The Walkmen shone out as well as OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All).  Tyler the Creator from the group performed from a wheel chair, you don't get much more hip-hop than that. 


Thanks to Michael Kornmaaler and Jeppe Sogaard Nielsen for the photos and help.