25/09/2011 23:00

Happiness in China

Happiness, my second painting in Beijing only its not a painting, it is a 52 metre-long print out of a painting.  They did give me the option of actually painting this, but being as it's way up in the sky and anyone looking at it's way down on the floor, I thought "who's actually going to care whether its hand painted or not" and so saved myself a weeks worth of toxic poisoning painting a massive vinyl sheet and pressed CTRL + P instead.  

23/09/2011 16:37

Teach in Tenderloin, SF

TEACH, in the Tenderloin, San Francisco.  Hold on don't I know a guy called Teach in London?  DDS. word.


22/09/2011 00:01

Ultimate Space, San Francisco

Painting in hot and sunny San Franciscio, on Valencia x 19th Street.  Photo's courtesy of Gareth Gooch (rather than the substandard i-phone photo's you have recently suffered).

20/09/2011 16:29

Great Adventures in Texas

The fourth Great Adventure in as many countries, this time in Dallas, Texas.  Hot as Hell.  In Dallas for the Goss-Michael Foundation annual charity aids auction.  30 artists including Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst, Gavin Turk, Pam Glew, Shepard Fairey and myself donated works for the auction.  For more info on the show visit http://www.gossmichaelfoundation.org/

17/09/2011 02:26

Eynes In Dallas

Second wall in 4 days (sorry we're putting these up backwards), this one on Forth Worth Ave opposite mexican Johnny stunt man's lot and Shady Oaks.  Weirdly there was a big Ben Frost poster on the wall and on the way back to civilisation we drove past the grassy knoll.  


10/09/2011 19:54

Eine Big In Japan

Eine big in Japan

01/09/2011 20:05

Adventure, Osaka 2011

This is the largest wall I've painted in Osaka to date and is the third 'Adventure' that I've painted in as many continents.