28/02/2012 20:09

Sickness - San Francisco

While in Mexico I was heavily influenced by the hand painted advertising and signage - all around you, especially in the older districts you find these beautifully crafted, hand painted shop signs.  The thing that I found interesting about these was the individuality and the freedom of style.  It appeared that the sign writers painting them weren't following any rule books - something which would be considered a mistake over here looked perfect and seemed to work in the colouful and vibrant surroundings.  I left Mexico with some great ideas and new ways to continue my typographic mission.  Also on my mind was Sickboy's forthcoming show at White Walls Gallery.  I'm hopefully going to be in San Francisco at the time of his show and I've been thinking about collaborating on a large wall with him.  With this in mind I'd been sketching some ideas, when I was given the opportunity to paint this wall on Brannah and 6th.  The wall itself is not ideal; two grilled windows and a large shutter break it up.  I couldn't make one word or phrase fit around these obstacles so the best way to make this work seemed to be to paint 3 separate words on the larger sections of the wall.  I started with Sickness on the first day, combining two letter styles and breaking the word up into its individual syllables, making the word fit the space comfortably.   Day 2, with two more sections still to paint and happy with the way Sickness had come out, I wanted to continue with that theme.  So I started thinking about 4 letter words that worked with a 'less' or a 'ness'.  There are some funny ones out there, but after hearing Sam's (landlord of the building) life story 'Hopeless' and 'Loveless' were the most appropriate.

Thanks to Dscreet Ben for coming down and filming the action

28/02/2012 19:47

Faith - Mexico

Down in Chuloula or somewhere thats probably spelt properly, I'm unable to get to South Africa for Liberty's wedding.  I thought the least I could do is paint her name nice and big and call it her wedding present.  So Happy Wedding Day Faith, albeit (on the website) a little late.  Chuloola is a pretty cool spot, about 3 or 4 hour drive from Mexico City, this place really does feel lke you're in Mexico.  For some reason, maybe because of their spicy roasted tomato hot sauce, lots of street artists seem to have made their way down here.  This is the first place where it appears to be more street art than graffiti, even our buddy from Belgium and his black and white rats has passed through.

17/02/2012 20:42

Spring Clean Screen Prints

It being the season for such things we've had a little tidy up in the studio and unearthed some old treasures.  We now have a (very) limited selection of prints available for sale.  Details of each print are next to the images above.  If you would like to purchase please email sales@einesigns.co.uk 

Each print will be sent individually in a sturdy cardboard tube via Royal Mail Special Delivery/International Signed For.  Prices as follows:

UK = £10.00    EUR = £11.00    US = £12.00    ROW = £13.00 



01/02/2012 17:24

Social Club - San Francisco

So 3 weeks in Mexico City finally came to an end.  Thanks to Pedro, Lorenzo and APC for hooking up all the walls and a car. We managed to paint something every other day, it’s a pretty free city where you can kind of paint where you want.  There is so much graffiti there no one cares.  The cops are all on the take so if you do get in trouble its no more than 20 bucks for a get out of jail free card.  I loved the place.

Now back in SF for a couple of weeks before heading home.  Painted this - Social Club - down in Oakland.  It’s on the side of an old music venue/Crack house, that’s slowly being turned back into a venue.  Social Club seemed to fit very nicely.

Not looking forward to the cold

Photo's courtesy of www.williamperls.com

01/02/2012 16:27

Mexican Round Up

Mexico City