07/03/2012 19:56

Home Sweet Home Less - London

This is the third year that I'm supporting Shelter in their annual art auction http://england.shelter.org.uk/what_you_can_do/events_and_challenges/up_my_street and every year we talk about the possibility of me painting a wall to promote the fact.  At last all the planets aligned and a painting got painted.  Out of all the walls I've ever painted this is the wall that I've found the preparation the most frustrating.  I had an original idea for the painting, two words stretched out across all 4 panels.  I drew some sketches for this and I was quite pleased with how it was looking.  A few days before I was supposed to do the painting, Shelter came back and vetoed my choice of words.  I spent the next 3 days trying to think of 2 words that worked as well as my original idea, becoming more depressed and less enthusiastic as nothing was happening.  On the morning of painting I was still wrestling with my 2 words across the 4 panels.  Arriving at the wall and in a flash of inspiration whilst continuing my theme of 'less' words, it hit me - Home Sweet Home Less.  One word in each panel.  Job done. 



03/03/2012 23:47

Breathless in Sunny Hastings

This empty spot in Old Town, Hastings High Street had been painted with a diabolical piece of public art for as long as I've lived here.  The good Steph tracked down and spoke with the right people and quickly permission came my way to paint some "Street Art".  I don't think this was what most people were expecting as their only insight into the world of street art previously was a small child playing with sandcastles.  The amount of huffs and puffs and "we preferred it before"'s was quite comical, but we battled through the barrage of abuse, visits from the council's planning department and German tourists to paint this.  I enjoyed it, especially if outraged-from-Tunbridge-Wells is composing a letter to the Daily Mail as we speak.  Street Artists - come to Hastings if you still want to feel like a radical revolutionary.