15/08/2012 10:55

A Plethora of News

There's so much going on right now so we thought we'd keep you in the loop with a post in the Eine diary.  Firstly, Carlo McCormick, general flag waving, street art champion is curating a show at Jonathan Levine's gallery in NY http://jonathanlevinegallery.com/.  This show is based around the idea of 'Detournement'; a style of art embraced by the cut and copy punk movement and also by some of us.  With a top billing line up of artists that Jonathan would have been unable to muster on his lonesome, expect some delightful artistic delights.  

For those not in the advertising world, D&AD stands for Design and Art Direction http://www.dandad.org/.  This year they are celebrating 50 years of existence by bringing out a book showcasing the best innovative design of the last half-century.  They have asked 50 creative, interesting individuals to design a cover and this (fig2) is the Fiasko that I came up with.

Dabs & Myla - super nice, unbelievably friendly, full of bright colours (and that's just their paintings) - are hosting a show of their and their friends work down at Thinkspace http://thinkspacegallery.com/ in LA.  This is definitely going to be another show worth checking out - and not just because I'm also in it - but because of the friend's Dabs & Myla have made on their travels.  Each of the contributing artists has been given the same sized wooden panel to work with.  After that, there is no brief and we are left to our own creative devices.

Now, one of the faults of my website (aside from the restrictive image size) is I must provide 4 images for every blog post.  Sometimes we struggle to find something powerful enough to be worthy of that 4th slot - but not today.  VNA magazine released their 19th issue not long ago, featuring one of our favourite artists-to-bump-into-in-weird-places-around-the-world on the cover.  How and Nosm - the German machine due - another favourite also feature, we recommend getting yourself a copy before you miss your chance.  http://verynearlyalmost.com/blog/shop/vna-19/

Over and Out.